We do not breed our saints for rare colors or extreme sizes. Here at Brush Creek we stay noble,with the goal to improve the breed not dilute their characteristics. We get them out with us on our daily walks by the creek and get them on our Brush Creek feeding routine to give all our companions the best quality or life a saint deserves. Health is everything but the adventures to come from hiking to camping will give them the best life!
Large Breed health
Here at Brush Creek we feed Exclusive Large Breed Puppy Attached is our the food we feed! You can put in your zip code and it should show you who sells it near you.
Our goal is reward our companions with a happy healthy life they deserve. We are now sharing our supplementation daily routine we use here at Brush Creek Breeders with YOU ! This includes our Elk Antler Dietary line, our ready to eat flea and tick preventative, and the launch of our new CBD pet line. All these great supplements are dried grounded and extracted to the right amount your canine needs to stay safe and healthy.
Make room in those doggy dishes for Brush Creek Shop’s Pet Supplementations! * Garlic * Antlers * Antler powder * Bacon, rotisserie chicken, Fish Oil CBD Oil Tinctures * Nannochloropsis (NANNO) Powder * Micro Algae Oil * Pumpkin micro algae Dog Treats * Pumpkin, Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats
Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine for us and our animals!
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We give inoculations to our puppies and there are several reasons for this. One reason would be to minimize the chance to expose our very young puppies to contagious diseases from an examination table, etc.
*We also have your sire mates tested for brucellosis, an infectious bacterial disease that can cause sterility or spontaneous abortion in affected dogs. * We AKC DNA profile every sire that is classified as a frequently used sire, meaning that the sire dog has produced seven or more litters in his lifetime or more than three litters in a calendar year.
* We do not remove dewclaws, a barbaric procedure, there are alternative methods of dewclaw removal available today.
* We microchip pups on request, this again is an optional applicator needle
*We do not sell breeding rights
Important to Know !! We do not disclose stud information out of respect and over signed contract with stud parties We love to refer but we will not disclose any information
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