Meet our Team
Our Family Veterinarian Service’s
Dr.Becker’s Veterinary Services is located in the beautiful Northeast Iowa,only 12.0 miles from our facility! This way we are always emergency ready!
Any question about our breeding program or any of our K-9 feel free to call
One month before breeding, our dams are taken to have a thorough pre-breeding physical examination by the gifted hands of Dr.Becker. Here our canines are vaccinated and tested for parasites.
Our Feeding Program
Our Purina Animal Nutritionist
Contact Lillie Beringer Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
We are also part of the Pro Plan Club
Each family will get a puppy starter kit!
It’s our gift to YOU!! as well as a great contribution from Purina Pro Plan. It has been a blessing to take part in a program that gifts us these exclusive perks and makes us here at Brush Creek see how important it is to continue to be there for every family even after leaving Brush Creek. It the best feeling to know we did our job by sending each and everyone home equipped to start a happy healthy life with their new family member.
Puppy Starter Kit
We also prep each pup with basic training before you bring your new companion home. Light helpful tips such as leash training, potty training, how to use a dog door and of course dog transportation are just a few we cover.
Thank you Taylor’s Grooming for spoiling all our babies