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Awarded 2021 & 2022 Number One Saint Berdoodle Breeder in the Nation


In addition, to our generous discounts, we also donate a percentage of all our sale from rehoming pups to

Justice for Angle’s

a non-profit organization to support families with fatal dog injuries caused by undervalued and neglect of their dog rights.

Update: Application Link for FALL Standard Poodles is OPEN OCTOBER 1st.

TWO Winter Litters F1 Saint Berdoodle’s are

with their NEW FAMILIES 2022!!

Application Window for Summer 2022 Saint Berdoodle litter is Now Closed!


BCB Future Litters

🖤 Merle Saint Berdoodles

🖤 St.Bernard/Aussie Doodle

Brush Creek Shop,L.L.C

Looking forward to our Summer 2022 Vendor Show schedule.

▪️ All About Dogs Days Expo, Minnesota

▪️2022 Autumn Oaks,Indiana

▪️Three French Hens,Illinois

▪️Iowa State Fair,Iowa

▪️UKC World Hunt

We will be expanding to regions at a dog expo,and blood hound competition near you!

We are a small, family owned breeding program with gorgeous Saint Berdoodles and GIANT Saint Bernard’s.We are located a few miles outside of Bellevue, IA a gorgeous historic river town over looking the Mississippi. Our property accommodates our home,shop and brand new dog facility.All accommodations for our pups roam on 10 acres,which is located across from Brush Creek,a place of solitude surrounded by cows and pastures, creeks,hills and open hay fields!

Feel free to explore or contact us with any questions ?

God Bless

Go to the tab button at the top of the webpage to view our upcoming litters

You may know nothing about a certain breed or mixed breed. It is okay! I hope by exploring with us you can see with unconditional love these fur pups will adapt to any life style or role you give them! Needing a therapy dog, a watch dog or even better yet the ultimate

family/nanny dog ?!

Feel free to explore our website and like our facebook page, to see updates on new litters and upcoming litters. Follow us and you will see you really cannot get a better family dog than this.

Brush Creek Families 🖤 

We do NOT partake in WAITING LiST!!! 

We have an application process that is only available twice a year.

What does this mean ?!?

Next Application Window

October 2022!

Once application is received during our ONE DAY application window, meaning a pregnancy is confirmed, a conference call with our chosen screened families will be in order. Here, we will go over what to expect at pick up, pup pick order, arrangements will be placed for meet of both parents if preferred to do this before rehoming. We then will go over how you and your family can prepare at home and if there were any extra request Micro-chip Applicators ect. ! Once puppy pictures are taken these will be automatically sent over to each of our families. At that time if there is a preferred gender, we will discuss this prior to litters due date. Order for pup picks will start at 4 Weeks !

Again, once pregnancy is confirmed we reach out to each family and do a conference call. We can’t wait to finally get aquatinted with your families and gift you the Ultimate family companion that you all have been patiently waiting for.

Keep in mind we will be your pups caregivers for the next 8 weeks prior to the 64 days of preparation for our dam.

We want change and we want to introduce you to modern day breeding programs!

The love and support never ends when you leave with your pup. It is also our jobs to prep our families. Preparations are important, so do not be afraid to nest as you would say and get things ready at home! We will be here every step of the way ! Have questions, want updates please do not hesitate to reach out !! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

God Bless

Website & Pictures : Created and captured by my iPhone 7

Although, all is created and captures by my personal phone, quick updates will only be on our Facebook Page. The care for my family and pups always come first. My family and pups are my priority so please be aware we are in the process of building our new facility and getting established back in our home town of Bellevue. I take my job very seriously ! Everyday here at Brush Creek is a busy day ! We never sit down to make sure each day is a productive day ! I ask for serious inquires only. We do not breed our females every year, we never want to put that kind of stress on our dam’s, because our dogs are family and we feel they should be treated as such.

We are looking forward to being home in Iowa and sharing our love for our dogs

with YOU!

About Us

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